Web Strategies is eager to help you get started with your mobile website. The questionnaire below will give us the information we need to complete your mobile site with the look and feel of your existing website, along with the features unique to our mobile sites.

We are breaking the $299 charge into two parts:
- $100 non-refundable deposit to get started
- $199 after site approval and before going live

Payment is done through PayPal, so you can be sure that your purchase is safe and secure.

After we receive your questionnaire and payment, we will build your new mobile website and send you a link so you can view it and request corrections or changes.

After approval and payment, we will set your site to go live and let you know the last steps needed to make sure mobile visitors go directly to this beautiful new site!

Please complete this questionnaire and the payment, and we will get started right awayI

Brief Description of your company (up to 300 characters)

Hint - right-click on your logo and choose "copy image url"

Attach log if you cannot provide link to logo image

Pnone number where visitors can reach you

Put your address IF you want a map & directions to be shown

List your operating hours IF you want them to be seen on the site

Yes No

Yes No
Click if you want visitors to send you a request for an appointment

Email address where you want the appointment request to be sent

yes no
Do you want to include a gallery of pictures?

Email additional images or links to images to info@webstrats.com

Yes no
Link to existing About webpage?

Use this section to provide a brief description of your organization

yes no
Provide link to Products page on your website?

Provide a brief description of your company's products

yes no
Provide link to Services page on your website?

Brief description of you services

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What is your offer?

What info do you want to capture from customers

Where do you want this info sent to?

yes no
Include call me back feature?

what email do you want the email sent to?

yes no
Let your customers leave a message for you to your email address

yes no
Add a way for visitors to opt-in for your emails & texts

Request email and/or text

yes no
Connect with visitors with RSS feed?

yes no
Engage customers by connecting to your blog

yes no
Add link to YouTube video or channel

insert link to YouTube video or channel

insert link to YouTube video or channel

yes no
Include a link to you Google Calendar

Link to Google Calendar

yes no
Include links to Yelp & Foursquare reviews

Link to Yelp Reviews page

Link to Foursquare Reviews page

yes no
Add links to location based social media sites

Add link to your Facebook Places page

Add link to your Foursquare page

Add link to your Google Places Page

Add link to your Yelp page

yes no
Connect with customers - add link to your Facebook page

Add link to your Facebook page

Add link to your Twitter feed

no yes
Add your fine print

Terms & Conditions Privacy Copyright

Add link to page with your legal fine print

Put your fine print here

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Allow your mobile site visitors to select a language of their choice (auto translate - some errors may occur)